Microsoft is Hiring for Research Fellow Intern Role

JOB ROLE : Research Fellow

Location: work from home & Bangalore


For its Research Fellows Program, Microsoft Research India is accepting applications. The Research Fellows programme exposes brilliant minds in India to top-notch research and cutting-edge technological advancements. Students are prepared for professions in engineering, research, and entrepreneurship through this curriculum. Some of the top researchers in MSR India are advancing the fields of computer science and technology.

Education Required:

  • Candidates should have completed their bachelor’s (BE/BTech/BS) or master’s degree (ME/MTech/MS) in Computer Science (or related areas) by Summer 2023. We evaluate candidates on a combination of factors including academic performance, raw smarts, development skills, and passion for research and software development. 


RFs spend 1 to 2 years at MSR India. Different projects require a different combination of skills. Current and past RFs have worked on: solving deep theoretical problems, pushing the boundaries of AI, designing new programming languages, designing and implementing security protocols at scalefield work in rural India, prototyping communication and sensing hardware, and designing and building large-scale software systems and networks. Regardless, they all consistently aim to create academic, industry, and societal impact. 

Salary :40000/MONTH