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JOB ROLE:Business Development Associate



Unacademy non-academic positions include a variety of roles that support the company’s mission of providing high-quality education to learners. These positions may include roles in areas such as:

  1. Operations: These positions may include roles in logistics, supply chain management, and facilities management, among others.

  2. Human Resources: These positions may include roles in recruiting, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and performance management.

  3. Finance: These positions may include roles in accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, and auditing.

  4. Marketing and Communications: These positions may include roles in public relations, advertising, marketing research, and event planning.

  5. IT and Technical Support: These positions may include roles in software development, network administration, and technical support.

  6. Business Development and Sales: These positions may include roles in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, building relationships with key stakeholders, and negotiating deals.

  7. Legal: These positions may include roles in contract management, compliance, and legal research.

  8. Customer Service: These positions may include roles in answering customer inquiries, resolving customer complaints and providing information about products and services.

The specific responsibilities of a non-academic position at Unacademy will vary depending on the role, but generally, the employees in these positions will work to support the company’s mission and achieve its strategic goals.

Note: The above list is not exhaustive, and there may be other non-academic positions available at Unacademy. Also, the responsibilities and requirements for each role may vary depending on the company’s needs.

Education Required:

  • Any Graduate + 6 Months Experience (Freshers Can Also Apply)

Skills Required:

  1. Strong communication and negotiation skills: The ability to effectively communicate with potential partners and stakeholders is crucial in this role, as well as the ability to negotiate deals and close deals.

  2. Strong analytical skills: The ability to analyze market trends, identify potential opportunities, and evaluate the potential of different partnerships is essential.

  3. Strong project management skills: The ability to manage multiple projects and priorities at the same time, and to work with cross-functional teams to drive results.

  4. Strong networking skills: The ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the industry, and to identify potential partnerships and business opportunities.

  5. Strong problem-solving and strategic thinking skills: The ability to think creatively and strategically to identify new opportunities and to overcome challenges.

  6. Strong understanding of the education industry and the company’s target market.

  7. Strong proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite and ability to work with CRM software.

  8. Strong written and verbal communication in English.

  9. Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field is preferred.





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