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JOB ROLE: Customer Service Executive



  • Handle day to day reactive issues with merchants via inbound and outbound phone and email

  • Work as per defined processes and SLA – outlook issue process

  • Handle all hotline volume within the define SL. Lead the same in terms timely login & staffing during break time.

  • Act as a trusted advisor to sellers and account managers on defect review/removal, eMBG case review/auctioning, technical issues, product issues, and standards and policy related issues that can hamper sales growth.

  • Resolve issues for merchants of any eBay specific impediment to growth and sales (including defect reviews/removal, eMBG case review/action, technical issues, standards and policy related issues)

  • Coach merchants so that issues and policies do not impede their business in future and help them develop a proactive approach to avoidance (as opposed to resolution after the fact). Including adoption of eBay tools and/or standard processes

  • Interact with internal partners, advisors, policy makers and technical teams to assist with speedy resolution

  • Establish a trusting relationship between eBay and the customer while maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy

  • Share timely findings with the AM’s

  • Share learning with team in daily huddles for exciting/unique issue/query worked.

  • Be empathetic to customer concerns and display a candid desire to serve with ownership through to resolution

  • At times, use negotiation and influence to advocate on behalf of eBay and/or the customer

  • Summarize and provide customer feedback to management

  • Perform related duties as assigned

  • Conduct Outreach activities (outbound phone and/or email) including but not limited to – Outreach to customers with product/policy information/education/rollout– Outreach to customers to drive sustainable business growth for high quality sellers and help to maintain a healthy top seller community. E.g. coach customers in regard to policies that may impede progress on their account or result in selling restriction, support to correct listing that are in violation, share best practices to avoid violations etc.

  • Training/OJT Lead: Provide training and mentoring new hires or low performers.

  • Training/OJT Lead: Provide policy/product/process update with team

  • Handle escalated complicated cases

Education Required:

  • 12TH PASS

Skills Required:

  1. Excellent communication skills: As a customer service executive, you will be required to interact with customers on a daily basis. Strong communication skills, including verbal and written communication, are essential for effectively communicating with customers.

  2. Empathy and patience: You must have the ability to empathize with customers and understand their concerns. It is also important to remain patient when dealing with difficult customers and challenging situations.

  3. Problem-solving skills: A customer service executive must be able to identify and resolve problems effectively and efficiently. This requires analytical and critical thinking skills to analyze the situation and provide a solution.

  4. Multi-tasking: Customer service representatives are often required to handle multiple tasks at the same time, including answering calls, responding to emails, and resolving customer issues.

  5. Knowledge of eBay policies and procedures: You should have a good understanding of eBay policies and procedures, including shipping, returns, and payments. You must also be knowledgeable about the products and services offered by eBay.

  6. Technology skills: As a customer service representative, you should be comfortable using various technology platforms, including email, chat, and phone systems.

  7. Teamwork: Customer service is often a team effort. The ability to work well with others and collaborate with colleagues is essential for providing exceptional customer service.

  8. Time management skills: As a customer service representative, you must be able to manage your time effectively to handle a large volume of customer inquiries within a specified timeframe.