Vodafone is Hiring for Graduate Trainee Role

JOB ROLE :Pioneer Graduate Trainee

Location -PAN INDIA


  • focuses on offering administration and advice while offering services across the relevant function in accordance with concepts and procedures. ensures a high standard of work and has an impact on business decisions by offering counsel or advice based on specialised knowledge. Usually, reports are made to the Manager.

  • challenges decision-making using best practise information to produce the best results in line with strategy objectives;

    * Assists the team in completing tasks across the whole technology lifecycle, including but not limited to large-scale transformation programmes;

    * Makes excellent use of communication skills to exchange thoughts and information in a clear and logical manner to assist the delivery of outcomes that are most in line with strategic direction;

    * Upholds excellent connections with senior stakeholders and outside vendors and collaborates closely with them;

    * Completes additional job-related tasks or duties as assigned by the supervisor or as a result of agendas.

Education Required:




  1. Agile
  2. DevOps
  3. Security
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Automation and Robotics_2022
  6. Digital Enablement
  7. Networks and Connectivity
  8. Cloud_FRHR
  9. Data Analytics and Insights

Salary :4.5 lpa Expected

Technovert is Hiring for Software Engineer Role

JOB ROLE :Software Engineer



  • Founded on a foundation of people, Technovert is a new generation services/product technology company. Our company’s solid history is based on amazing employees that always put the needs of the customer first and produce outstanding outcomes without any surprises.

  • We are renowned for our creative approaches to attracting new talent. We cultivate our talent in a setting that promotes individual development. Some of our most important leaders have worked their way up from being interns to overseeing some of the most important business divisions.

  • For those who are proficient in React, Typescript, and JavaScript (trained or self-taught), but who lack real-world project experience, this position is the ideal way to launch a career. You can take part and begin your professional data journey in this position.

Education Required:




    • Excellent analytical thinking for implementing algorithms
    • Strong knowledge of React/Typescript/JavaScript/C#
    • Go-getter and positive attitude
    • Ability to communicate well with others
    • Zeal to learn

Salary :4.5 lpa Expected

RedBus is Hiring for Software Engineer Role

JOB ROLE :Software Engineer



  • To provide better user experiences, features are designed and developed using code that is clear, readable, reusable, tested, and maintainable.
  • Creating a unit test process to evaluate a built-in feature or application
  • improvements to the current system.
  • User guides must be written and the functional requirements must be documented.

Education Required:

  • ·We are seeking extremely smart programmers who are gung ho about large scale systems that are going to have a big impact on millions of customers around the world.

  • Must have strong experience working on Java, J2EE.

  • Strong computer science fundamentals – HTTP, TCP/IP concepts, Web Servers, Threading, Caching, etc

  • Strong knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms and Design Patterns.

  • Good understanding & experience writing REST APIs.

  • Experience in relational databases like MySQL/ Oracle.

  • Looking for someone who is flexible and open to learning new technologies.

Salary :7.5 lpa Expected

Oracle is Hiring for Technical Analyst-Support Role

JOB ROLE :Technical Analyst 1-Support



Your primary responsibility as a part of the Assistance organisation is to provide post-sales support and solutions to the Oracle client base while advocating for their requirements. This include answering technical questions about using and troubleshooting our Electronic Support Services, as well as post-sale non-technical client inquiries by phone and electronic means. As the main customer contact, you are in charge of fostering client relationships with Support and advising and assisting internal Oracle staff on a variety of customer circumstances and escalated concerns.

You will be the technical point of contact for customers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) for the resolution of issues relating to the installation, advised maintenance, and use of Oracle products as an Associate Support Engineer.

Education Required:

BS Computer Science/Management Information Systems/Science/ Engineering/Math/Physics/Chemistry with a 3.0 GPA. OR functional degree + technical higher degree or in lieu of degree may substitute 4 years professional experience & professional certification (i.e., CNE, MCSE, CPA, Oracle, etc.).

Salary : 35k Expected

Permanent Work from Home Jobs by Treebo

JOB ROLE :Multiple Jobs

Location -Permanent Work from Home


Luxury 5-star hotels predominated the Indian hotel scene in 2015. There was a severe lack of high-quality lodging in this price range. Compromises have always been necessary when booking a low-cost hotel, but since Treebo entered the market, this mindset swiftly changed. Traveling is now more enjoyable, cosy, and economical thanks to Treebo!

Our name comes from the fig tree known as the “Bo Tree,” which is where Gauthama Buddha obtained enlightenment. Our work and even our name are inspired by that tree of wisdom. To drive quality control at scale, we have used cutting-edge technologies. With Treebo’s guaranteed quality assurance that meets any budget, the previously fragmented and isolated budget market is now wholesome.

Education Required:

Any graduation

Any Post Graduation

Salary : 25k Expected

PartTime Job from Way2News

JOB ROLE :Growth Partners

Location -your own location/work from mobile


WAY2NEWS is hiring freshers for the role of Growth Partner (Work From Home). The details of the job, requirements and other information is given below:

Education Required:

    • ఇంటర్నెట్‌పై అవగాహన ఉన్న మొబైల్ యూజర్

    • తెలుగులో అనర్గళంగా మాట్లాడగలగడం

    • 18-45 సం. మధ్య వయస్కులు

    • సొంతంగా ప్రేరణ పొందగల ఉత్సాహవంతులు

    • విద్యార్హత: 10/ఇంటర్/డిగ్రీ (పాస్/ఫెయిల్)


  1. నెలకు రూ.5వేల ఆదాయం
    • 390 డౌన్‌లోడ్స్ టార్గెట్ తర్వాతి ప్రతి డౌన్‌లోడ్‌కు రూ.10 చొప్పున పొందుతారు

    • క్వాలిటీ డౌన్‌లోడ్స్ (ప్రతిరోజూ వే2న్యూస్ వాడే యూజర్లు) అందించే వారికి ఇన్సెంటివ్ ఉంటుంది

    • ప్రతి నెల 1వ తేదీన మీ బ్యాంకు ఖాతాలోకి UPI ద్వారా డబ్బు జమ చేయబడతుంది.

    • నెల్లూరు జిల్లాలో మా గ్రోత్ పార్ట్నర్లు నెలకు సగటున రూ.10,200 సంపాదించారు

AMD is Hiring for Intern-Co Ops Role

JOB ROLE : Co-Op/ Intern



    • his position is in the AMD Xilinx Hyderabad FPGA architecture team
    • FPGAs provide a fertile area w.r.t exploring new or porting existing ASIC techniques for power, performance and area optimizations across the full spectrum (i.e. system to circuits) and there’s a great potential to be exposed to some of these in this role
    • The work involves :
      • Exploration of new circuit, architectural and algorithmic techniques for improving FPGA Fabric performance, power and area.
      • Close collaboration with a senior mentor who will be driving this activity
      • Broad exploration across various areas: circuits, automation, tool/wrapper development, algorithms and architecture
      • Exposure to the state of the art and leading edge developments in the FPGA world
    • A successful candidate may potentially be absorbed in AMD and further drive these explorations to fruition or explore some of these problems to drive their research in the academia
    • The candidate will be responsible for closely collaborating with the mentor and the team, explore research papers (external or internal), run simulations (circuit/hdl), build models and help in exploring the value of various approaches being identified
    • A high performing candidate will have learnt skills like Transistor/Cell level digital circuit design, SPICE based simulations, Verilog simulations, Simple to complex mathematical modeling, Algorithmic techniques driving FPGA optimizations, basics of FPGA architecture and its key functional blocks.
  • This is for a period of 6 months, beginning (Jan, 2023).

Education Required:

    • BS/BE/BTech (final year, graduated), MTech/MS (final year, graduate)
      • Electrical, CS, Electronics, Instrumentation, or equivalent streams
  • 2019,2020,2021 & 2022


  1. Communication skills.

    • Strong Logic design fundamentals
      • RTL coding skills (preferred)
    • Strong basic circuit design concepts (Network Analysis primarily)
    • Strong transistor level digital design fundamentals
      • Experience with SPICE sims (preferred)
      • Experience with schematic editor like Cadence Virtuoso or eqv. (preferred)
    • Programing/Algorithmic skills and projects in C++/Python (preferred)
    • Machine Learning skills and projects (preferred)

SALARY:4 lpa expected

Lenovo is Hiring for Quality Analyst Role

JOB ROLE : Quality Analyst



  • participates in the call audit design.

    • Carries out call monitoring in accordance with monitoring formats and quality standards and gives management team trend data.

    • Tracks performance using a quality monitoring data management system.

    both on a team and an individual basis.

    • Performs email response monitoring for inside sales.

    • Takes part in programmes that listen to customers to determine their needs and


    • When necessary, gives various internal support groups actionable data.

    • Plans and leads staff calibration sessions for calls.

    • Gives team leaders and supervisors feedback to improve their communication within the


    • Constructs a

Education Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2019,2020,2021 & 2022


  1. Communication skills

SALARY:4 lpa expected

Wipro is Hiring for WILP(Work Integrated Learning Program)

JOB ROLE Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP)

Location -PANINDIA


  • Wipro’s Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP)

    Work Integrated Learning Program is a unique learning-integrated program that offers BCA and B.Sc students a chance to build a remarkable career at Wipro while pursuing their higher education in M.Tech from a premier educational institution in India, sponsored by Wipro.

     Eligibility criteria

    • 10th Standard: Pass
    • 12th Standard: Pass
    • Graduation – 60% or 6.0 CGPA and above as applicable by the University guidelines

    Year of Passing

    2022, 2023

Education Required:

  • Bachelor of Computer Application – BCA
  • Bachelor of Science- B.Sc. Eligible Streams-Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Electronics, and Physics


  1. Round 1 – Online Assessment

    Online Assessment (80 minutes) comprising of 4 sections:

    • Verbal- 20 mins- 20 questions
    • Analytical-20 mins-20 questions
    • Quantitative – 20 Mins – 20 questions
    • Written Communication Test (20 mins)

    Round 2 – Business discussion

SALARY:INR 15,488.00 per Month

Citi Bank is Hiring for Fullstack Developer Role

JOB ROLE:Full Stack Developer

Location -pune


  • Manage a team of experts in applications development to achieve set targets and handle team personnel duties (e.g. performance evaluations, training and development, hiring and disciplinary actions)
    In order to improve process efficiency, suggest new work methods.
    Resolve problems by recognising and selecting solutions using the technical skills you’ve gained and being guided by precedents.
    Develop and use thorough understanding of how one’s own field relates to the creation of apps and other technical fields.
    Ensure the calibre of the work you and the team members produce, and influence decisions by giving advice or providing facilitation services that have an impact on the team and closely associated work teams.
    Act as the Applications Development Manager’s backup, serving as a mentor and coach to younger analysts and developers.
    properly evaluate risk when conducting business

Education Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree/University degree or equivalent experience

Skills Required:

  1. Strong Spark/Java Skills
  2. Experience in design and development of batch/real time Spark processing pipelines.
  3. Knowledge of Spark framework – Core Spark, Spark Data Frames, Spark streaming
  4. Knowledge of Bigdata Cluster and operations.

SALARY:INR 5,00,000