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JOB ROLE: Telecalling operations

Location - Work from Home


  • A PhonePe Telecalling Agent typically has the following responsibilities:

    1. Outbound calling: You will be making outbound calls to potential or existing customers to promote PhonePe’s products and services.

    2. Lead generation: You will be responsible for generating leads by identifying potential customers and scheduling appointments for sales representatives.

    3. Customer engagement: You will be engaging with customers to understand their needs and to promote PhonePe’s products and services.

    4. Data management: You will be maintaining accurate records of customer interactions and updating the customer database.

    5. Meeting sales targets: You will be working towards meeting sales targets by making a certain number of calls per day and closing sales.

    6. Problem resolution: You may also be required to assist customers with resolving any issues they may have with PhonePe’s products and services.

    7. Training: You may be required to participate in training programs to improve your sales and customer service skills.


Education Required:


12th pass


Any Degree

Any stream

Skills Required:

  • Communication skills: You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, as you will be making a large number of calls and engaging with customers on a daily basis.

  • Sales skills: You must be able to effectively sell PhonePe’s products and services to potential and existing customers.

  • Customer service skills: You must have strong customer service skills, as you will be the first point of contact for customers seeking assistance.

  • Time management skills: You must be able to manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks to meet sales targets and customer service goals.

  • Organization skills: You must be able to maintain accurate records of customer interactions and update the customer database in a timely manner.

  • Problem-solving skills: You must be able to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues in a professional and effective manner.

  • Technical skills: You should have basic computer and technology skills, as you will be using a computer and phone for most of your work.

  • Team player: You should be a team player and able to work effectively with other team members to meet customer service and sales goals.


SALARY:UPTO 20000 per month EXPECTED