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Teleperformance is hiring for Executive Role | Apply Now

Role:Executive / Sr.Executive

Location: work from home/Chennai , Jaipur


Application Deadline : 13 February 2024 11:59 PM

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities (may perform other duties as requested, not specifically addressed in this document)

  • Chat Service
  • Proactively keeps up to date on new procedures.
  • Complete understanding of the platform and sensitive towards customer resolution
  • Complete ability and empowerment to provide end-to-end resolution (including online and offline if required)
  • Focus on achieving first-time right (FTR) for all the handled queries, complaints, and requests


  • Ability to find an effective solution in a simple and clear manner. Should proactively keep the customers and stakeholders informed about the issue and take corrective actions accordingly


To keep himself/herself updated about the latest happenings around and ask questions which impact customers delight

  • Proven ability to communicate with customers
  • Stay closely involved with operations
  • Decision-Making Authority

Decision Expected

  • Strong problem-solving skills (methodology and use of tools)
  • Accountability & Ownership

Recommendations Expected

  • Customer Orientation
  • Adaptability
  • Job Summary / Overview

    • Manage calls from customers regarding orders,
    • Inquiries
    • Complaints
    • Troubleshoot
    • Customer service problems and provide general information.
    • Adhere to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) specified by the Client / Process for AHT
    • Quality
    • Productivity
    • Schedule Adherence
    • Attendance & Sales (if required in the process)

    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities (may perform other duties as requested, not specifically addressed in this document)


    • Complete the logs specified by the process.
    • Ensure adherence to time schedules.
    • Be available for all briefings and updates.
    • Be aware of and comply with any client / process / product updates.
    • Share the day’s performance with the TL and colleagues
    • Refer to the central information database to handle queries.
    • Go through the database regularly to check for any updates.
    • Address any problems / grievances with the TL / TC / TM that may have a bearing on productivity or efficiency.
    • Maintain a high customer satisfaction rating as per the feedback taken by various agencies and authorities.
    • Take steps to improve performance based on coaching.

    General Security Responsibilities:

    • Adhering to Information Security Policies and Procedures of Teleperformance
    • Ensuring compliance with Information Security Policies and Procedures

    Specific Security Responsibilities:

    • Understand and comply with information security policies and procedures, and report all security incidents.
    • Ensure the audit non-compliances are fixed within the stipulated timelines.
    • Protect information entrusted to you.
    • Follow the information labeling and handling procedures based on the classification level of the asset.
    • Follow the Clear Screen and Clear Desk Policy.
    • Adhere to the Internet Code of Conduct, email usage policy, and customer information and data security policy.
      Comply with the Non-Disclosure Agreement.


    • Assist other team members who are new to the process.
    • Check for updates with the team leader and share the same with team members.


    • Mentor the team members by floor-walking.
    • Provide input through forums to improve work procedures that can enhance overall team performance.
    • Prepare reports like daily productivity, leave reports, etc
    • Adherence to norms specified by COPC certification and ISO 27001 specifications (as applicable to the process)
    • Be a part of the fun committee to organize events / skip activities for the team.

    Decision-Making Authority

    Decisions Expected

    • Adhering to the Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

    Recommendations Expected

    • Improvements in client tools, processes and customer experience

Education Required:

  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Undergraduate (10+2) with 6 months of continuous work experience


    • Required Skills

      Technical Skills

      • Listening Skills
      • Accent Comprehension
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Basic Computer skills
      • Written English
      • Typing Skill
      • Comprehension of correct message understanding inferred meaning understanding of native idioms and colloquizes. Listening with or without distractions
      • Understanding different accents
      • Ability to understand written matter accuracy and inferred meaning
      • Ability to operate a computer Basic usage of parts or instructions
      • Word Order, Sentence Construction, Grammar, and Syntactical Error
      • Accuracy and Speed of typing

      Trainable Skills

      • System Navigation
      • Paraphrasing
      • Process Knowledge
      • Probing Skills
      • Phone Usage
      • Rapport Building
      • Telephone Etiquette
      • Usage of systems
      • Learn to understand and navigate systems and applications
      • Ability to rephrase what the customer says
      • Knowledge of product
      • Ability to ask appropriate questions to be able to understand and/or resolve problem statement
      • Usage of different phones (based on process or business requirement)
      • Ability to communicate comfortably with the customer
      • To speak appropriately using knowledge of the call script, Process and Soft Skills
      • Knowledge of various systems required for the process

      Competencies and Specific Skills

      • Oral Competency
      • Attention to Detail
      • Empathy
      • Range, Accuracy, Fluency, Interaction, and Pronunciation
      • Ability to be alert and focused
      • To understand where or in which scenario to empathize with the customer

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SALARY:INR 260,000.00 - INR 280,000.00 per Annum.