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Free Oracle Sql certifications | Register Now


Location: work from home


Oracle is offering 6 different certifications based SQL.


How much does this cost?

Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. That’s right, it’s 100% FREE!

I missed the start. Can I still join?

Yes! You can join Databases for Developers at any time

When does the course end?

The modules have no fixed end date. Once you’re registered you can take open classes whenever you want

What will I learn on this course?

This course will teach you the basics of SQL and working with Oracle Database

How much time will it take?

We estimate that this will take up to 30 minutes per week.

What if I fall behind?

This is a self-paced course. Once registered, you have lifetime access to these materials to review at any time. So you can complete it at your leisure. But to get the best value from this course we recommend that you complete each class in the week it’s released.

What is the format of this course?

The course is a combination of:
  • Videos designed to teach you database concepts.
  • Coding tutorials for you to practice your skills.
  • Quizzes to deepen your knowledge.

Do I need access to an Oracle Database?

No! This is a fully online course. The materials are designed so you can complete the course without a database.

Education Required:

any one can do

course review

  • ‘”Videos were very well done: funny and interesting. the most useful part was the theory written in the Live SQL section of each module”

    “The class was very user-friendly and one can get a complete idea on database development modeling and how to make the database secured from theft.”

    “Love the videos and explanation. Video help to see if visual and also read. So both type of learning can use both or one to understand SQL.”‘


200+ free courses by govt of india & nasscom | Apply Now

Role:free courses by govt of india & nasscom

Location: ONLINE


1.Includes relevant industry certification courses, on popular emerging technology and professional skill programs.

2.Helps learners prepare for and acquire nasscom FutureSkills certifications to bring credibility into their learning.

3.Vast repository of premium learning programs from professional training providers tried & tested by industry leaders.

4.A truly ‘learner-centric’ initiative that offers courses as virtual, live, blended, or self-paced programs in a simple and agile manner.

5.Every program is vetted and reviewed and is continuously monitored for performance.

6.Endorsed by Industry backed by SSC nasscom , CDAC, NIELIT, Skill India and supported by NSDC and AICTE.

7.Access to a learning platform that is already in use by leading players in the Industry (FutureSkills B2B)

Education Required:



TATA Strive Free Courses & Job Assistance | Apply Now

Role:Tata STRIVE is the skill development initiative of the Tata Community Initiatives Trust

Location: pan india


Tata STRIVE is an initiative of the TCIT, aimed at actively bridging the gap between vocational education and industry needs. In FY 2017-18, Tata STRIVE began working under the aegis of Tata Trusts as a result of the Tata Group’s strategy of ‘Simplification, synergy and scale’. The move recognises the close synergies between Tata STRIVE and the broader community interventions of the Tata Trusts. Tata STRIVE is skilling youth from underprivileged backgrounds through innovations in technology, pedagogy, and methodology.

Education Required:

any degree


Automobile Sales Consultant
Duration: 4 weeks + 2 weeks
Assistant Electrician
Duration: 16 weeks
BPO Call Centre Executive
Duration: 6 weeks
Business Development Executive in BFSI
Duration: 6 weeks
Food & Beverage Service Steward
Duration: 13 weeks + 4 weeks OJT
Housekeeping Operations
Duration: 13 weeks + 4 weeks OJT
Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Associate
Duration: 13 weeks + 4 weeks OJT
Retail Sales Associate
Duration: 9 weeks + 1 week OJT

SALARY:as per the company norms


Amazon Launched Free ML Course for the Students | Register Now

Amazon ML Summer School India

Location: online


Education Required:

Engineering students enrolled in Bachelor’s/Master’s/ PhD degree from any recognized institute of India and are expected to graduate in 2024 or 2025 are eligible to enroll in ML Summer School. 



Cognizant is offering AI virtual experience program | Register Now

AI virtual experience program

Location: online


As part of Cognizant Digital Business, Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Practice provides advanced data collection and management expertise, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities that help clients create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

During this program, you will get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Cognizant team member and complete tasks that replicate the work that our Artificial Intelligence team does every day. You’ll learn how to perform exploratory data analysis, communicate results of a machine learning model, implement algorithm production, and review algorithm performance.

We hope this program provides a great resource for you to up-skill and strengthen your resume as you explore career options and a potential career at Cognizant!

Education Required:

Any One can register

How it works

Complete tasks guided by pre-recorded videos and example answers from our team at Cognizant. No live sessions, all self-paced.
Earn a certificate and add to your resume and LinkedIn.
Stand out in applications. Confidently answer interview questions and explain why you’re a good fit for our team.


Microsoft Cyber Security Certification Course | Register Now

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

Location: ONLINE


  • Understand the cybersecurity landscape and learn core concepts foundational to security, compliance, and identity solutions.

  • Understand the vulnerabilities of an organizations network and mitigate attacks on network infrastructures to protect data.

  • Develop and implement threat mitigation strategies by applying effective cybersecurity measures within an Azure environment.

  • Demonstrate your new skills with a capstone project and prepare for the industry-recognized Microsoft SC-900 Certification exam. 

    • Receive professional-level training from Microsoft
    • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
    • Earn an employer-recognized certificate from Microsoft

Education Required:

Any college students
working professional
any job seekers

Earn a career certificate

Add this credential to your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV

Share it on social media and in your performance review

SALARY:as per the company norms


Microsoft Cyber Security Courses Coursera Financial Aid Answers

Microsoft Cyber Security Courses Coursera Financial Aid Answers


1.Why are you applying for Financial Aid? (150 words minimum required)

Answer : As a student from India, I am deeply interested in pursuing a Cyber Security course as it holds immense potential for my career growth and future opportunities. However, due to financial constraints and relying solely on my scholarship, I am unable to afford the certificate cost for the course. Financial Aid is crucial to enable me to embark on this learning journey without compromising my essential monthly needs. Receiving this aid would grant me access to the world of Cyber Security courses on Coursera and equip me with valuable skills for my future.

I come from a family with limited financial resources, and supporting three brothers’ education adds to the financial burden. Pursuing this Cyber Security course with financial aid would relieve the strain on my family while allowing me to gain expertise in this critical field.

I am committed to dedicating myself fully to the course and utilizing the opportunity responsibly to enhance my knowledge and contribute positively to the cybersecurity domain. Your support through financial aid would be immensely impactful, and I am truly grateful for the chance to pursue this course. Thank you for considering my application.”

2.How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? (150 words minimum required)

Answer –

“I am eager to enroll in the Cyber Security course to deepen my understanding of this critical field. My curiosity and passion for learning drive me to complete this course, and I am confident it will greatly enhance my CV and job prospects upon graduation from my institute.

The Cyber Security course holds immense potential for boosting my skills in executing various cybersecurity programs, providing me with a competitive edge in the job market. A verified certificate from this course will add credibility to my qualifications and demonstrate my expertise in the field.

Having successfully completed previous Signature Track Courses on Coursera, I am well-equipped to handle assignments promptly and effectively. Additionally, active participation in the Discussion Forums has been a valuable supplement to my learning in previous online courses.

I am committed to fully immersing myself in this learning opportunity and engaging in peer review assignments, as I believe they offer invaluable insights and foster personal growth.

Considering my dedication, enthusiasm, and track record, I humbly request financial aid to pursue this Cyber Security course without financial limitations. Your support will enable me to focus on my studies and contribute positively to the course community. Thank you for considering my application.”

3.Would you consider using a low-interest loan to pay for your courses?

Answer – Sir, the financial status of the family is not too good to pay the loan amount. We already have a lot of dept in the bank and my parents are paying it on regular basis. It would make their life even harder to add a new loan over them. Sir, i don’t want to put any pressure over them. Sir, it would be a great help for me to get a good job and help my family if I’m able to get this course.

Education Required:

Any One Can Do


TCS Career Skills Free Certification | Register Now


Location: ONLINE


  • This self-paced online programme equips learners with essential business soft skills that will help them succeed in their career. There are nine independent parts of subset courses in this programme. Each module can be launched and completed randomly. After successfully completing all the nine courses, the Career Skills certificate assessment will be active for the learners.

    Every course has the same structure/component, which includes an overview of the module, an introduction video, a learning module, a conclusion video and an assessment to gauge if the course objectives are met, thus helping learners to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This course comes along with a community. Once you subscribe to the course, you become a part of this community. You can leverage this community to enhance your understanding of the concepts. This programme also includes learning content on the topics “Career Guidance Framework and Overview of IT Foundational Skills”.

    This programme is offered free of cost to all National Career Service (NCS) Users. Learners can obtain a certificate for every course completed, and a Career Skills certificate after successfully completing the Career Skills certificate assessment.

Education Required:

  • Fresh graduates (undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate students)
  • Working professionals


Develop Soft Skills that Industry Demands
Know the importance of soft skills to achieve better results
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Make Impactful Presentations
Learn how to prepare and make engaging and effective presentations
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Learn Corporate Etiquette
Learn common business etiquette followed in a corporate setting
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Write an Effective Email
Craft a professional email with impactful content and a strong subject line
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Improve Interpersonal Skills for Better Results
Enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Prepare a Strong Resume and Cover Letter
Understand how to create a winning resume and cover letter
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette
Understand etiquette to be followed during a work related telecall
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Understand How to Ace Corporate Interviews
Understand how to attend and excel in corporate interviews
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
Be Prepared for Group Discussions
Know why group discussions are conducted and learn to actively participate
 Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours


IBM Free Digital Learning | Register Now

Role:Free Digital Learning

Location: online


  • This sampler includes free courses for you to start your learning journey. Whether you need to gain new skills, earn credentials, or change careers, building skills is an investment in your future.

    We want you to start for free.

Education Required:

Any one can Do


Amazon AWS Master Class with Project & Certification


Location - FROM HOME


    • Introduction to the Cloud and Overview of AWS Services
    • Build a Facial recognition app in 30 minutes
    • Earn a certificate and badge from Ethnus and NASSCOM FutureSkills
    • Gain insights on starting your career in AWS
    • All in an interactive and exciting 3 hours event

Education Required:



The certificate will be a joint certificate offered by Ethnus and NASSCOM FutureSkills.

After attending this event, you will receive an assessment link.

You must score 60% or more to pass and download your AWS Cloud Masterclass participation certificate.

You will get 3 attempts to clear the assessment. You can claim your badge of completion from the NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime platform.

Drop us an email at mentioning your registered Email ID and Phone No.