Accenture is Hiring for New Associates-Content Moderation


JOB ROLE: Digital Content Management New Associate-Content Management

Location - HYDERABAD


  • As their most dependable, inventive, all-inclusive, and knowledgeable partner, the Software and Platform vertical assists the top platform organisations in the world with the acceleration, scaling, and improvement of their enterprises. For use by various teams and individuals inside the company, the Content Management team must organise, categorise, and publish content and information utilising particular tools and channels. The team responsible for content moderation reviews text, video, and image-based information and determines whether it violates the terms of service of our client. They examine material that might be delicate in nature. They make sure that each piece of content that violates the client’s terms of service is precisely recognised and promptly notified for action.

Education Required:

  • 2018-2022

Skills Required:

  • • Content Moderation
    • English
    • Ability to perform under pressure
    • Ability to work well in a team
    • Adaptable and flexible
    • Agility for quick learning
    • Commitment to quality
    • Content management