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Role :

Full Stack Developer

Location :

Hydrid Work from home


All job aspirants and interested candidates  are required to apply for this Role.All qualified applicants must submit their applications only online. We ask that you not send your resumes or applications by LinkedIn or email. Applications obtained through these methods won’t be taken into account. . 

What you will do

Main Duties:

1. Create features that are safe, scalable, and reliable.
2. Write code that is organized, efficient, and maintainable.
3. Take part in the development lifecycle at every level.
4. Put test-driven development and continuous integration best practices into practice.
5. Utilize the Scrum methodology.
6. Create and develop fresh online programs.
7. Updating and fixing current web applications.
8. Compose and update dependable Ruby code.
9. Construct back-end elements and integrate data storage options.

Education Required:

Any one whose skill set matches with this role can apply


1. Proficiency with Ruby on Rails is a prerequisite.
2. Well-versed in architectural concepts like service-oriented architecture and microservices, among others.
3. An openness to picking up new technology.
4. The capacity to function under pressure.


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3-4 LPA

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